Onism is the awareness of how little of the world you will get to experience. This blog will follow my adventures as I see as much of this world as I can. I hope to let you experience these adventures through this digital ink and encourage you to get up and travel as well. So for the time being sit back, relax, and read on.

Fighting Onism

Belize: Liberty Children's Home

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Belize is the next great adventure on my list. I arrived Saturday, 4 days ago, not knowing what to expect from this trip. I am serving at an orphanage for my time here and get to stay on property. I feel like I have been here for weeks already. Maybe mentally I have. So far has been an amazing/exhausting time. Let me just recap my last few days.

Saturday: Saturday I flew out of New Orleans airport at 8am. After a 1.5 hour flight, 2 hour layover, and another 3 hour flight I landed in Belize. I was picked up and brought to the orphanage where I promptly took a nap before dinner. Dinner was tortillas and a hotdog. An interesting combo. I don't eat hot dogs normally but I was hungry so there it went. After dinner I proceeded to run sprints racing the kids across the yard. My legs still hurt... I got attacked by 1000 mosquitos, but in all it was a fun night.

Sunday: I woke up to the sound of kids playing in the yard outside my dorm. I finally got up and went to join. Ran more sprints... Found out 2 of the kids like Harry Potter, discussed music, talked about Micheal Jackson, took a nap, ate red beans and rice for lunch, continued talking about Harry Potter and Micheal Jackson, ate more tortillas for dinner, ran more sprints, got eaten by more mosquitos, and found the wifi password! Despite the fact that espn did not want to let me watch the LSU game outside the US I did a little VPN magic and boom, the second half was mine to watch.

Monday: Monday is when the real work started. I was assigned to work at the preschool during the day. While I love working with the preschool age kids back home this one is significantly different. The kids are expected to sit in their seats for hours on end... There's no outside play and not much inside play. Its mostly instruction and songs. Also, they are given homework... In preschool... whatever... After a morning at work I discovered a store down the road that sold the most heavenly thing on this planet. Cold water. You have to understand that I have been without air conditioning, and without ice for 3 days at this point. I mainly drink the tap water through a filter in my water bottle and there is nothing cold about it. This new luxury is groundbreaking. After finishing "The Good Place" on netflix the kids finally came back from school. We hung our for a bit while they did homework, ate more tortillas for dinner, ran more sprints, and finally went to bed.

Tuesday: Tuesday followed the same as Monday with the addition of a second class at the preschool after lunch. Another cold water was had, tortillas for dinner, and I turned in early.

And here we are today, Wednesday. Today was different in several ways. First off, I drank an orange Fanta. I haven't had soft drinks in almost 10 years but this was needed. I haven't had a sugary drink in 5 days now and as someone who drinks sweet tea and powerade as if my life depended on it... This fanta was needed. As I was hanging out with the kids after school 3 people showed up. They looked decidedly american but then I heard them speak. A southern accent. Turns out they are missionaries from Louisiana. They moved here 2 years ago and bring mission groups around Belize. They come to the orphanage to do worship with the kids twice a month. Getting to worship with the kids was really amazing. As they were leaving one of the kids asked for prayers. We gathered together to pray for him. Several of the kids came and joined in. I'm going to like worship wednesdays.

The rest of the week will bring new stories I'm sure so stay tuned and please keep these kids in your prayers.

.P.S. I had tortillas for dinner tonight...

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