Onism is the awareness of how little of the world you will get to experience. This blog will follow my adventures as I see as much of this world as I can. I hope to let you experience these adventures through this digital ink and encourage you to get up and travel as well. So for the time being sit back, relax, and read on.

Fighting Onism

6 Days in Paris

I spent the last 6 days exploring the city of Paris. I have seen almost every major site, including Disneyland, that Paris has to offer. It was cold, rainy, and exhausting but amazing. Paris has the feel of most big cities. Its busy, its crowded, and the drivers are crazy. But, with its rich history and architecture Paris has something extra about it. My favorite site was the Opera house, Palais Garnier. I don't know what it is about that building but it was absolutely stunning. The Louvre and Versailles were palaces for the kings but Palais Garnier is the place I would want to live.

The Louvre was absolutely enormous. I would love to go back with a guide. I think I walked 5 miles trying to see as much as I could and still missed over half of the exhibits... I managed to find the Mona Lisa and I guess thats what counts right?

Notre Dame was another one of my favorites. I walked around the inside 3 times simply because I wasn't ready to leave yet. The huge ceilings, beautiful stained glass and thousands of prayer candles make it hard to walk away.

Sunday was one of my favorite days. I attended worship at Hillsong Paris before taking a tour through the Catacombs deep under Paris. The guided tour is really the only way to go. You get access to several parts off limits to the general public as well as the ability to skip the entire line waiting to get in.

As I left the catacombs I made my way to Angelina's. A lovely bake shop and tea room. I went in for hot chocolate and left with hot chocolate, 3 chocolate croissants, and an eclair. All were phenomenal. The hot chocolate was like drinking a melted chocolate bar. I then happened upon a huge park where I sat by a pond to eat my croissants.

I know what y'all are thinking. What about the food? Other than the numerous chocolate croissants and macaroons I enjoyed several crepes and sandwiches from random shops and stands along the road. You really can't go wrong in Paris. stop in any shop, close your eyes, and point. Whatever food you point to will be amazing.

Paris was a beautiful city full of rich history, amazing sites, and the food was incredible. I will be doing a food tour after my trip through the rest of france. For now I'm going to sit on this train and enjoy the view of the country as I head toward Lyon!

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